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South Beach or Atkins?

New York apples are a healthy choice for a nutritional low carb diet.

According to Dr. Atkins, with a glycemic index of 36 a crunchy New York apple is a relatively low carb fruit. With 21 total carbs in a medium size apple they are a healthy low carb snack.

Dr. Agaston’s South Beach diet claims that you can boost you body’s supply of antioxidants by eating fruits rich in nutrients, (especially the ones from New York!)

Dr. Agaston goes on to say, “ The skin of an apple is actually quite healthy, and the pectin is a good fiber that accompanies the fructose into your system. So eating an apple a day is still a prescription for well being”

Did You Know?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but eating three apples a day can help you keep your New Year's resolution to lose weight?

Did You Know?

Eating a couple of apples a day may significantly cut heart disease risk, according to a new study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. The study suggests that eating a relatively high fiber carbohydrate fruit, like apples, should be embraced not avoided.

Did You Know?

Apples and apple juice may improve memory and learning. They may protect against oxidative damage that contributes to Alzheimer’s and other age-related illnesses, according to a University of Massachusetts-Lowell study.

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