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About Linda Quinn, Registered Dietitian
and Spokeswoman for the New York Apple Country

Linda QuinnThe New York Apple Association has engaged registered dietitian Linda Quinn to be the association’s spokeswoman to promote the health benefits of New York apples.

"Linda’s experience as a registered dietitian and a media spokeswoman make her the perfect choice to help us get the message out about the numerous health benefits of eating an apple a day," said association president, Jim Allen.

Quinn will be appearing on TV and radio throughout the state discussing the groundbreaking Cornell University research which shows that apple phytonutrients can help fight cancer. She will also promote how apples improve breathing for asthma sufferers, can help prevent osteoporosis, aid in digestion and boost energy.

Quinn’s efforts will coincide with an aggressive statewide advertising campaign the association has scheduled for the harvest season. The association will be running TV, radio and outdoor advertising throughout New York touting health-laden apples.

"Our number one goal is to get the health message about our apples to consumers," Allen said. "Apples really do keep the doctor away and we want consumers to remember that at the supermarket."

Quinn, who resides in Syracuse, is a Registered Dietitian (R.D.), a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN) in the State of New York and an active member of the American Dietetic Association.

Quinn continues to appear in educational videos for New York Apple Association. She has honed her skills from years of experience in video and print media. She wrote a weekly newspaper column “Central New York Power Foods” in 2010 for the Syracuse Post Standard. She has written numerous articles for national magazines Prevention, Eating Well, and Mother Earth. She was the recipient of the New York State Dietetic Association Media Excellence Award in 2001 and the Distinguished Dietitian Award in 2010.

Quinn completed her Master of Science degree in Nutrition Sciences at Syracuse University in 1989. She is the Nutrition Services Administrator for the Central New York Developmental Services Office, supervising meal planning and 15 nutrition professionals’ staff for the eight-county agency that serves thousands of individuals with disabilities throughout Central New York.

If you have questions about nutrition or would like to book Linda Quinn, email Linda Quinn.

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